The Natural Light

Portable Lighting

All lamps light; only the best Illuminate. Note the attention to detail from the finial to the base, and the pitch-perfect harmony between lamp and shade. Add to this exquisite proportions and you have a true work of art. TIP: You should keep your shade dimensions within the confines of your surface.

AVA. Soft and elegant sugar glaze ceramic body with subtly luminous textured round drum shade. 28 1/2h. Shade: 17 x17 x11h.

LADY GRAY. Feminine novelty piece hand painted and superbly detailed. Ceramic body with trimmed and embossed shaped velvet shade. 27h. Shade: 7 1/4 x 5 1/2 (top) x 13 x 11 (bottom) x 9 1/2h.

GOOD REEF. Coastal with utmost sophistication. Beautiful shell body with double layer rectangular French reed silk shade on wooden base. 22 1/2h. Shade:
6 x 13 (top) x 7 1/2 x 15 (bottom) x 9 1/2h.


WINDSWEPT: Wispy but solid, this poetic gilded iron lamp is available with the wind blowing both left and right.Oval drum shade in sailcloth white. Also available in a taller version.Beautiful as a pair. As shown: 29h. Shade: 14 x 24 (top) x 16 x 26 (bottom) x 11h.

STONEMASON: Rustic at its best, with a dry stacked stone body and textured string round shade. 34 1/2 h. Shade: 19 x 20 x 11h.



There are shameful attempts at copying this clever series, but they cannot come close to Natural Light's quality, detail, and depth of color. With hundreds of possible combinations, a lamp custom designed from this series could be the answer to having that certain feature piece in your room REALLY connect. Available in a myriad of shapes, shades, mountings, finishes, and colors for body and shade.



Here are just a few examples from the fine art collection created by various artists at The Natural Light. We especially like their large dramatic signature pieces such as these. Select one that speaks to you and you're on your way to creating a space around a major focal point.

CELERY SUN . The way the light plays upon this canvas is soft and magical. Original Oil, 43w x 55h.

LIQUID GOLD. A stunning, shimmering beauty. Original Oil, 48 1/2w x 59 1/2 h.

MEDITATION. Soft and ethereal. Original Oil, 50 1/2 x 50 1/2 square.

VEINING II. One of a pair. The drama of geology appears abstract. Original Oil,
38w x 86h.

SHIFTING GEARS. Hit them with color and texture! Original Mixed Media. 39w x 47h.

SPINNING SILVER. Captures the movement and speed. Original Oil,
43 1/2w x 53 1/2h.