With some designers, creating a signature style means leaving their own mark. Their spaces tend to look the same. I guess that's how you know them, but it's not for me.


designer genes

jan_blonderJan Blonder
Jan Blonder had it in her genes to become a designer. She's been putting her heart and soul into designing uber living interiors for almost 40 years - blending style, comfort and functionality into resonant design that matches her clients' lifestyles. Beautiful and functional rooms are Jan's first consideration, but enriching people's lives is of utmost importance. Her conviction that a space should manifest a homeowner's personality and personal vision guides her as she brands residences that fit each client precisely. Jan's celebrated career is marked by hundreds of projects in all aspects of design. Objects, patterns, colors and textures are beautifully balanced -the direct result of listening, attention to detail and meticulous project management. She approaches her work with a fervor and an intensity as colorful and striking as her designs. Get to know her. You can't miss her sense of gratitude and you'll be jazzed by her sophisticated, funky-chic simplicity. It might be in her genes, but her design sense becomes the fabric of your life.
jan_blonderElizabeth Martinez
The apple didn't fall far from the tree for Jan's right hand - Associate Designer Elizabeth Martinez. Between her mother and aunt who are designers and another aunt who owns an antique shop, there was no denying her artistic roots in design and interiors. Drawing, painting and a talent for charcoal and pencil were part and parcel of her childhood, and perhaps a future designer's impetus for eventually living in Italy and traveling around Europe. Elizabeth attributes a life abroad to her deep appreciation for Euro Modern design and is convinced the experience expanded her artistically in a way nothing else could.